The Best AI Writer for Bloggers

FirstDraft is a writing sidekick for bloggers who want higher-quality, SEO-optimized AI content that sounds like them and ranks on Google.

Jennifer Nitrio

I could tell right away that this was going to blow the other AI writing tools out of the water. It was VERY intuitive, straightforward, no guesswork. Just plug and play. FirstDraft absolutely blows Koala away. Literally no competition whatsoever.

Miranda Lamb

The Reluctant CowGirl

FirstDraft AI is amazing! I love that the content sounds so authentic—more like a real person, with less repeat information and awkward sentences like other AI tools. So many great features that bloggers actually need at a great price!

Walkthrough Video

Your AI Writing Sidekick

We created FirstDraft AI to help bloggers create more content, quickly. "One-click" content that's written in your tone and style, is optimized for SEO, and which gives you the flexibility to prompt the AI with your custom knowledge and expertise.  

"One-Click" Article Generation

FirstDraft is a "one-click" article writing tool. Provide your keyword, choose your word count, choose a few other settings—and sit back as an entire article gets generated in minutes.


FirstDraft has access to Google's live search results—so it scans the SERPs, and includes relevant keywords and topics in your articles, so they're SEO-optimized automatically.

Your Style, Your Voice

Everyone wants an AI writer, but nobody wants an AI writer that sounds like AI! So we built a feature where you can "train" FirstDraft on your style, and your voice, so your articles sound more like you.

Custom Background Info

Sometimes, you want the AI to reflect your knowledge, experiences, & expertise. With FirstDraft, you can provide custom background information to be included in your articles, so the content is uniquely yours.

Fully Customizable Outlines

We've built the most customizable outline editor inside FirstDraft. You can add custom prompts to every single part of your outline, before your articles are generated—so they come out exactly like you want them to, every time.

Bulk WordPress Publishing

If bulk AI publishing is your thing, you're in luck. You can integrate with your WordPress site, so you can publish draft articles directly from FirstDraft to your blog, in bulk. Just provide a list of keywords, and let the AI do its thing.